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Thyroid Sexy Boot Camp

Hi There!

It’s Gena Lee Nolin here. You may know me from television shows like Baywatch, The Price is Right and Sheena. As an actress and model my job was all about looking pretty, wearing skimpy clothes and increasing ratings. And I’m not going to lie, I loved it! Behind the glamour, I was fighting a very ugly battle against thyroid disease. I struggled with hair loss, being tired all the time, difficulty maintaining a healthy weight and even what I thought was postpartum depression. After years of searching for answers and hearing that everything was fine, I was finally diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, the most common form of hypothyroidism. What a life-changing moment that was!

Hey There!

I have seen so many patients whose story is just like Gena’s. I am a Naturopathic Medical Doctor who has focused on diagnosing and treating thyroid disease for the last 15 years. The cool thing is, with a little knowledge, you can improve your thyroid health, just like Gena. More and more people are affected by thyroid disease; the tools of modern medicine still can only identify it 3 to 5 years after it starts. As an Integrative Physician, I have extensively researched the good points and shortcomings of both conventional and alternative approaches to thyroid health and tied them all together for you. Far too many people are suffering needlessly and I want to change that starting with you. How can we make this happen? Our Thyroid Sexy Bootcamp is the perfect place to start!

Your Thyroid Sexy Bootcamp Includes:

Four Audio/Video Presentations: In full detail, we explain every step needed to balance your thyroid and regain your zest for life. Is your schedule tight? Mine too, but don’t worry. As you receive the presentations, you will have exclusive access to them any time of day, so you can tune in whenever it’s convenient for you.

Comprehensive Toolkit: This kit truly is comprehensive! It is filled with 13 different assessment questionnaires, worksheets, support materials, handouts, charts and journaling forms that you will need to get through Bootcamp. All forms sent right to your inbox!

Q and A Audios: Two super information Q and A recordings where we discuss tough issues for people with Hashimoto’s. We go through the questions one by one in order to give each the time and attention it needs.

Combined Total Value Over $1200!

Your Special Price is Just $197!

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